Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Gone

Oh the glorious weekend!

I awoke this morning to bright light streaming into my bedroom, my alarm set early to volunteer at Lee's Trail Triathlon. I had planned on volunteering in the morning then running my track workout in the afternoon, alone. By the time I arrived at Second Beach Pool there were sufficient volunteers and my services were not needed. I was relieved as this meant I could run with VFAC at Pt. Grey. I watched the first group of triathletes hit the pool then I hit the streets to cycle to Kerrisdale for the workout. I must confess that listening to the pre-race instruction did not make me want to compete, even as the former champion.

I had a good cycle up to the track and arrived a little more early then usual. This gave me an abundance of time to warm up fully and exercise some of Thursday night's effort out of my legs. The two mile jog did not feel great and I was dreading drills. My quads were leaden, my right shin sore and my mind dreading the 12 times 400 workout. After completing my skips, A's and C's I had a weak attempt at some strides and accelerations. I could not get into the motion of running and was unable to run freely. I am uncertain if I am carrying extra stress or exhaustion (yet another terrible sleep...) but I could not get my body to let go. I felt something holding me back, maybe nervousness or dread of another poor effort.

John gave me my pace time, 67 seconds, which is not really that fast, but would be tough with only 100 meters recovery. I ran 67 for my first 400 followed by five repeats at 68. The first six repeats were tight, in a nervous sort of way. Again, as in the warm-up, I was feeling constrained, as if I was unable to let go and let the track take me. My next three repeats were at 67, and I was starting to feel good. The sluggishness was starting to melt away, the burn was starting to feel good and I felt like I was starting to release and let go. I was working for the 67, but not killing myself for the 67. My next two intervals dropped to 66 and I was feeling good, better then I have in a few weeks. My last effort was 64. Seeing '64' on my Timex watch was a relief. The last effort was strenuous, but when I asked my body to go, it did. I was finally able to have my mind and body on the same track. I gave myself a little fist pump and had a good cool down in the bright sunshine.

This afternoon, after a solid hour nap, I hit second beach pool for a good swim workout and some pool running to stretch out. Thankfully the water was significantly warmer then last time I was there. Swimming outside in a 50 meter pool is still a novelty for me. My first run in Vancouver was along the Sea Wall by Second Beach Pool. At that time I was thinking of Vancouver as a dream and seeing Second Beach Pool was concrete motivation to move to the most beautiful city in Canada. That was close to three years ago. How far I have come in that time and how some things remain the same.

Happy Training!

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