Thursday, May 7, 2009

Favorite Things

Rain drops on roses, whiskers on kittens, 5 times 1000 on crushed gravel trails, these are a few of my favorite things...

Tonight was my favorite workout. 5 times 1 km with descending recovery. I kind of wish this workout was next week when I will be back to 100% after being sick but it is a good workout to start with. John wanted me to run 53's for the workout. I opened in 54 (good!) then 49 (oops), 55, 57, 55. Overall a great workout! I have not been as chipper as usual this week and am still recovering from being sick so I am pleased. It was a good effort though I felt as if I was going as fast as I could without actually going fast. The last three intervals felt sluggish without any snap to my stride. John must have put down some glue on the last km because my feet were totally stuck to the ground. I cannot complain, this was still one of my fastest workouts ever.

I picked up my new favorite magazine the other day, Canadian Running Magazine, too good! I believe this is by far the best running magazine you can buy. It is very current and actually cites evidence in it's reports on everything from training techniques to compression socks to meal ideas. I love that most (if not all) the contributors are runners of varying levels. In the current issue there is a great article by Hillary Stellingwerff on training in Ethiopia. Reading it today on my way home from work made me want to quit work, move to altitude, and run. There is also a comparison of compression socks and a little information on the evidence to support their use. I will have to pick up a pair of Zoot compression socks to go with my old lady socks.

Speaking of socks, I was out for a run yesterday with a friend. An easy 40 minutes in total. It was a good run but with one issue, he was getting checked out and not one person batted an eye at me. I made this complaint to my wise massage therapist one day, that I never get checked out. He quickly pointed out that no one would check me out as I was wearing orange and blue socks (who in their right mind wears orange and blue socks?) I will console myself by looking down at my feet rather then in the mirror, yesterday I was wearing my favorite orange and blue socks.

Happy Training!


  1. Were they EBTC orange and blue socks? Those socks rock!
    BTW. I have the Sugoi R+R compression socks and I really like them.

  2. There were EBTC socks! And I do love them, the only socks that will fit in my cycling shoes.