Saturday, May 9, 2009

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness II

I should have stayed in bed this morning.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. On bright sunny days I usually jump out of bed with a smile on my face ready to conquer the world. Not today. I had a night of restless sleep with a multitude of random and bizarre dreams. I woke up feeling tired and sluggish.

I had planned on taking a Zipcar to workout this morning as a little treat and so I would have a little extra energy to do some extra drills. It turns out that my license expired and I couldn't book a car. Fine, cycling will make me stronger. I went down to the bike room this morning and found my rear brake cable tight as an I.T. Band on a runner, my rear wheel locked in place. With a quick trip back upstairs to get some Allen keys I repaired my brake and was off to the track.

Today's workout was 5 times 800 with a 400 warm-up. This workout was a struggle. I missed all my times by a long shot, won't even mention the times. Luckily the sun was shining brightly so I felt some warmth in my heart from the wonderful rays. There was also great company to run with so that made me pleased to hit the rubber for a workout. I can still blame my less then stellar workout on being sick and having three weeks off including my taper into Sun Run. And on the positive side I had no foot pain during the workout. I was beginning to think maybe today won't be as bad as I was thinking. I was looking forward to a nice ride home in the sunshine and a relaxing afternoon in the West End.

The ride home was quite nice, a little chilly, but nice. I came off of the Burrard Bridge and decided to make the most of my ride by cycling along the Seawall. I was in front of Sunset Beach in the bike lane when up ahead I observed a man on inline skates with a giant backpack. I strongly dislike inline skaters in cycling lanes, they are unpredictable, do not shoulder check and take up a great deal of space. This man was going very slow (as was I by now) and was taking up the whole lane. I slowly moved to pass on the left when he cut in front of me. I yelled 'watch out' (which I have learned is not what one should do, it causes people to stop, turn and look), collided with the guy and went off of my bike (rather went down with my bike, I was clipped in). That hurts. Luckily I have a natural instinct to curl into a ball when in imminent danger so I did not hurt my wrist or break my clavicle.

RANT: The most frustrating thing about the situation was the righteous indignation of the jerk on inline skates. He was some dirtbag weirdo, typical of Vancouver. He was the type of individual who blames their own failures and pathetic situation in life on any one of the following:
  • The Government for not giving him more money so he can sit on his A## and do nothing
  • His parents who never really loved him
  • The school system for not modifying their teaching methods to accommodate for his pubescent partying and drug use.
  • Tobacco Companies for forcing him to smoke
  • McDonald's for making fatty food and hot coffee that burns (coffee should not be hot...)
  • Everyone else because he is always right.
When I politely said that it is customary for an individual to look over their shoulder before moving into a passing lane he merely replied that I should have a bell on my bike and that I was going too fast. I have worked in mental health and thus have quickly learned when a situation is about to escalate and the type of personality that escalates the situation. I felt like yelling at the jerk, telling him to take responsibility for his mistake, to apologize for causing me to fall off of my bike and injure myself. Instead I wished him well, brushed myself off, and went on my way. While I cycled away I wished him shelter, water, food and love. And I do wish him these things.

In reality I assume I know this man, that I have seen his 'type' before and he presents the same as those I have grown to distrust and be wary of. He may be all the things I have mentioned or he may not, irregardless it does not matter. I cannot dwell on the actions of others the same as I cannot dwell on a bad workout or terrible date. Once I am finished this blog I will again wish him well and I will be on my way.

I am anticipating quite a bit of bruising and have some road rash on my arm and leg. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness will become apparent tomorrow morning. I hope I get through my long run. It is now time to ice then enjoy the sunshine.

I am happy I got out of bed this morning. When all is said and done it is the falls that teach us how to get back up, the less then ideal workouts that show no matter how much it hurts or how long it takes it can be done and that sometimes the days that are hard are another type of adventure in life. Every day there is something new to experience. The wise are those who learn from the tough days, file the lesson for later use, and move on. I am learning.

Happy Training!

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  1. Jay, too bad about your crash. Glad you are ok though. I thought everyone in Vancouver was all nice and hippy-happy. What's with this dude?

    Come run up the mountain in Canmore June 13!