Monday, May 18, 2009

Counting Down

I have had a great long weekend and I did not get burned, though the hearth is warm.

Today was an easy run in the morning followed by a swim at Second Beach pool in the afternoon. My morning run was more painful than I initially thought it would be. My extra drills followed by a long run followed by a few too many beer caused a great amount of DOMS and a hangover. It took at least twenty minutes to to stretch out and get rid of some of the junk stored in my tight and smarting legs. By the time I was heading out of the Park on my way home I was lengthening my stride and getting up onto my toes. I am still slightly winded on climbs so not quite back to baseline, but getting close.

I was able to swim a 1600 metre workout outdoors today as well. It was good to get into the pool for a light swim. I have been out of the pool so long that I have lost the tiny bit of strength I had last year. I also do not have a trained feel for the water, I have to rely on the natural feel I picked up as a kid in the backyard pool. Hopefully I will get some feel and strength back, I would like to be able to keep up with my training buddy. It will also be good to put on a little bit of muscle in my upper body as I am looking a little sickly lately.

I am sure many of the readers of this blog are also concerned with the progress of 'operation six pack'. I am pleased to announce that the operation has been successful and I am confident in my new found stomach. It is as good a washboard as I will ever have. The hours of core workouts have paid off. It took ten years of running, cycling, swimming, core workouts, circuit training, whole grains, low fat, and calorie counting to get these abs. I am going to celebrate with a half bowl of whole grain cereal with half cup skim milk.

I am now counting down to my next race and a very busy June. May has been great so far. I have had time to rest, get away from racing and recover from a tough winter race schedule. I am getting excited and fired up to get into the fire and race again. May 31 I will be running the Shaughnessy 8km. The following weekend I am heading to Eugene, Oregon to watch the Nike Prefontaine Classic, heading down after workout of course! Then I have Longest Day 5km, Pride Run, Sandcastle 10 km, Coldplay and to cap it all off Scotia Bank Half Marathon.

I should add that I went to the 'Pumpjack' last night with my roommate. This is a gay gathering place for everyone, but directed more towards those with a preference for bears and leather. I am not a bear and am not into leather (Vanilla is my favorite ice cream). I was surprised to have not a terrible time. The other people at the bar were nice and pleasant and I did not feel judged and I was not called a twink, although one guy told me I looked like Zach Effron. I do not really know if that was a compliment or insult but I will take it as a compliment (I like his hair). This was one of the few times I have been in a gay bar in the past six months. I have been so focused on training I have not hung with random homos, or at least rub shoulders with some of my peeps (OK, so the patrons of the Pumpjack may not really be my 'peeps' per se but it was a good first step to re-entry to gayville). I have also cloistered myself to an extent. I have put up a bit of a wall between me and the homos and have been judging too much. I think I will try to be more mindful and not judge too much, and as much as I have fought this, I am going to try and go out more. I must hit the Odessey at least once before it closes. Hey, I might even get lucky!

Happy Training!

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