Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I never get sick, well almost never.

As I write today I am close to the bathroom in preparation for whatever comes out of me. I push my body to extremes and eventually it tells me to "fuck off" by getting sick. Lord knows that the only time I would ever spend the day in bed is if I was physically unable to get out of bed, like yesterday. Getting sick is scary. As I lay in bed yesterday, at one moment shivering the next boiling hot and sweating enough to saturate my pajamas, I contemplated my upcoming race schedule and if I would have my strength back in time to race and train. With my G.I. system sounding like an old wooden ship being tossed on a rough sea, I wondered if I would be able to run this week without the worry of an 'accident'. I have almost two months until my next taper and peak so I am not worried about the long term goal, what about the little fun races coming up? I guess we will see how my illness resolves and if I am able to leave the apartment in the next few days.
A recap of my last workouts. Saturday was a track day and we ran at Chruchhill School rather then our usual Pt. Grey High. Initially I was worried as the track was a little harder then what I am used to. It did not turn out to be a problem. The workout was 4 X 1200 with a fast 400 recovery. The pace for the 1200's was to be slower then usual. The workout did not feel good, I felt sluggish and tired, which I blamed on the long cycle to the track, the previous night's 'critical mass' and the terrible sleep I had on Friday night. I ran pace time for the first two 1200 then the last two I took the pace down by 8 to 10 seconds. I ran faster for the sole purpose of finishing the workout faster. The great thing about running fast is that I finish faster. On Sunday I had my long run. I ran 11 miles and it felt pretty good, although I had quite a few aches and pains.
I have also gotten back into the pool and have begun training with the English Bay Swim Club. This is a gay/lesbian and friends swim club in Vancouver. This is one of the largest masters swim clubs in BC. My swim workout on Saturday night was not quite what I was anticipating. It was long and hard and made me realize I need to get some muscles. The annual general meeting was held after the workout and I was nominated to be the secretary of the club. I accepted. So my involvement in gay/lesbian sport continues to grow.
In retrospect, the combination of a terrible sleep on Friday night, despite going to bed at 9:30 (no wonder I don't have a boyfriend), the achy and tired workouts on Saturday and Sunday and the sporadic abdominal pain over the weekend, should have made me aware that I was getting sick. I have an intimate relationship with my body. I ask a lot of my body and it usually delivers. Now my body is asking me to rest, make frequent trips to the bathroom and put running on the shelf for a few days. I will oblige.
Nature Calls!

Happy Training!

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