Thursday, April 23, 2009

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness...

After every good race there is muscle soreness, pain and fatigue. This week has not disappointed! I have been quite sore this week and have not had quite the pep I was expecting. The effort of a hard 10 km has had an effect and consequently I have had a nice and easy week of training. I was very tired at work yesterday and thus decided to go to South Granville shopping and Granville Island for some bacon and bagels rather then run. Unfortunately walking around the city seems to cause more pain then running.

Tonight was my first workout since Sun Run and I was able to put out a good effort. It is always fun to train with the club and I was happy to see everyone! Tonight we ran 1 7/8ths mile, twice. My first interval was faster then the second but both were quite hard. The second interval I was focusing on staying relaxed for the first half. The last half of the interval I focused on getting my feet off the ground. When I get tired I tend to let my feet stay on the ground too long so to combat this, during last part of my workouts, I try to think of getting off the ground as fast as possible. It only goes to reason that the less time one is on the ground the faster they will run. I was sore at the beginning of the workout and the first interval was a shock to the system. Once I got running I felt much better and towards the end of the warm down I was back to my old self. I hope the DOMS is finished!

The last time I completed tonight's workout was a couple months back when we were running in Stanley Park on Saturday Mornings. It was a lovely Saturday morning with sunshine gently filtering through the coniferous trees of the temperate rain forest, trails covered with a light dew, our breath visible in the cool spring air. Visibility excellent! The first interval went well and I was feeling great, ready to run very hard, I was in the 'zone'. The second interval began as planned and I was running hard and with purpose. I was coming off of a downhill section to a flat and knew that I had to pick up the pace and keep strong. I made a left hand turn and then another slight left hand turn. Suddenly up ahead I see a group of people walking on the trail. I am not alarmed as it is a beautiful spring morning and there ought to be people on the trail. As I very quickly get closer to this group I notice they are not walking but rather are staring into a tree. I yell to them to watch the trail. They don't move. I see three tripods, approximately 15 middle aged people looking up into a tree and no one moving except for me, very fast, towards them. I yell again "watch the trail!" and they see me, I yell "Look out!" They finally move. With no time to spare I see a opening and move towards it to go on with my workout. One has to understand that when running fast during a workout there is not a lot of rational thought occurring in the oxygen starved brain. A runner is thinking one thing, go fast! Stop is not in the vocabulary, besides the fact that stopping, when running fast, is really, really hard. I make my way towards the daylight in the trail when a middle aged lady steps in front of me. The result was a collision that flattened the poor woman onto her back and nearly sent me into the forest (she had at least 100 lbs on me). The ensuing mayhem was both entertaining and distressing. I was in shock and trying to get the people, who it turns out were birdwatchers, off the trail while my club was not stopping. At the centre of the disaster imagine a skinny gay guy in short shorts and singlet trying to calm down a group of screaming birdwatchers with a 50 year old lady screaming on her back, another Bird lady screaming and freaking out while someone else was telling me it wasn't the Olympics and people should not run in the Park. The combination of dazed birdwatchers running with their tripods screaming bloody murder, 30 or so runners dodging the birdwatchers and me in the middle of the brouhaha, dazed and confused while trying to reinstate some type of order would have been priceless to watch. Once the lady was picked up and most of the team had been through I continued on my way. I finished the interval, a little worse for wear, with the sound of bird ladies screaming ringing in my ears. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness came in the form of shoulder pain and a bad S.I. joint/coccyx. Good thing I don't have a boyfriend, that might have been awkward.

Happy Training!


  1. I didn't realize you were such a writer. This is a pleasant surprise.

    All the best,
    Chris Lee

  2. Next time leave the old biddy on her back and keep the average time of your reps down. You will not make the top 10 of the Sun run giving 1st aid. I had told Sue this story sometime ago but even she enjoyed reading it.
    See you thursday