Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Begining Something New

I am a Runner, I am Gay. I imagine the picture in your mind is of a skinny little guy in a tank top and cut off jeans prancing down the street, that is not me. I am a runner like any other on outward appearance. I may have beaten you in a race or you may have seen me on the track. You would not have noticed much besides the quick pace I was running or the brand of my spikes.
The difference lies on the inside. If you feel marginalized as a runner or as somewhat of a freak, imagine if the stereotype of your minority consisted of partying, drugs and anonymous sex. Partying Friday night does not equal a fast track workout Saturday morning. I think it is time to flip the gay stereotype and show that gays are focused, driven and are achieving success. I wish I knew at sixteen that gays run, go to the Olympics and lead lives that do not revolve around the 'gay club', alcohol and drugs.
Running! I have had a great past few weeks running. Last Saturday I was on the track with my club Vancouver Falcons. I had my fastest ever workout which consisted of a 2:05 800m in the middle of the workout. The best part is that it felt hard but light at the same time. I wasn't pushing and grinding, I was floating. I kept the words of my club mate in my mind "run faster not harder". I finished the workout with a 26 second 200m. I was very pleased with this effort! Today I had a 20 minute tempo in the sunshine and it felt great! I really wanted to run hard and had to hold myself back from going too hard. I was in my new FastTwitch Flats which may have added to my excitement. Usually I would run two miles cooldown but today was just too nice, I took the long way home. As I come to the end of a long and exhausting spring training session I am encouraged that I still want to run and run hard. I still have a lot of fire in my belly and I am ready to run fast.
If anyone happens across this blog and has a question or comment don't hesitate to leave it. I am going to try to report on what I see when I am running and relate some stories along the way.
To file under, "random things I have seen while running". I was running a workout in Stanely Park when I came around a corner. In the middle of the trail I saw a women crouched over. As dusk was falling over the park with a slight mist blowing through it was difficult to discern what this figure was doing. As I got closer I could see the shock of white of a woman's bottom, her pants around her ankles and relieving herself. Of course I averted my eyes as I continued along my way. I guess when you have to go, you have to go!
My first post done,
Happy Training!

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